Before purchasing, the Customer is entitled in requesting all the needed information either by mail or fax, and if he likes can let us have his phone number to be recalled as quickly as possible. Elwatt will give confirm of the correct reception of the order answering back to the e-mail at the given address. The message will pose again all the data transmitted by the Customer as to verify its correctness.  



Our method of payment is exclusively by CASH ON DELIVERY only including transport cost, without anyfurther additional charge due to the method of payment.    























For each order carried out Elwatt will enclose together with the delivery of the goods the relating invoice which date will be as warranty of the goods (we recommend to hold on to). The invoice data will be the ones provided by the Customer and no variation will be possible once the invoice has been issued. Elwatt won’t proceed in charging any delivery cost on certain goods not in special offer. We recommend to check the number of packages when receiving the goods as to verify the exact number and if the packaging is intact and not either damaged or wet. Any damage found will have to be immediately reported putting the notice CONTROL RESERVE on the courier’s document. Warning: once signed the bill of delivery the Customer won’t be anymore entitled in raising any other claim regarding the external features of the delivered package. If should there be any problems on such matters, it will be enough to let us know as we will answer for through our insurance settling the case at best without charging you any further cost.























IN  COMPLIANCE WITH ART.5 185/1999 the Customer  can claim the withdrawal of the Purchasing Contract  for any reason    with no need of  providing explanation and with no penalty.  












































The customer, to exercise such a right, shall send Elwatt, within twenty workdays from the goods delivery date, a registered letter with a form for acknowledgement of receipt :

 *  Such right is applied to the product as a whole: it shall be returned in its original packaging together with all the attachments, cables, instruction, etc.    





















 *  According to the law, the shipping charges regarding the returned good are at total account of the customer including damages resulting from the transport or robbery/loss of the returned good when not in guarantee.   









































 *  Elwatt, once received the good in its offices and verified its integrity, will provide for to compensate the entire amount by a bank transfer within fifteen workdays from the arrival. The customer shall provide the necessary bank references. 





















































































All of the products sold by Elwatt, either the ones built by our Company or the ones commercialised by our partners, are aid in doing directly in our offices in Cusago. The guarantee has a validity of 24 months for those consumers without Vat account. To benefit from it the Customer must hold on the shipping invoice he’ll receive together with the goods. The guarantee is applicable to the product presenting conformity defects and/or malfunction existing at the moment of the delivery, provided that it’s been used correctly within respect of its purpose and manufacturer’s technical file. The faulty product shall have to be sent back to Elwatt Offices that guarantees the repair within 16 working hours next to the arrival. We have chosen to directly be your assistance point for the following good reasons:   





























































*  It certainly is less expensive to address a Post Office, always within everybody’s reach, rather than an assistance point perhaps located at several kilometres away and provide for its collection.    









































*  The  certainty  that spare parts are original.   









































*  The certainty that the shipping will be within 16 work hours and the return will be provided with repair file and any suggestions. 













































The personal data requested when receiving the order are collected as to satisfy the Customer conveyed requests and shall not be in any case or any title ceded to third parties. Elwatt srl guarantees its own clients by respecting the provisions concerning personal data treatment, governed by the privacy code referred to Decree no. 196 of 30th March 2003.



















































































Any claim shall be addressed to ELWATT SRL VIA VOLTA 28, 20090 CUSAGO MILANOThe purchasing contract between the client and Elwatt is meant concluded in Italy and governed by the Italian law. As for the civil and penal controversy  solutions deriving from the present contract of distant selling, the territorial jurisdiction belongs to the judge of the consumer’s domicile or place of residenceThe information and the products reported on  are subject to changes without noticeThe manufacturer declines liability for possible inaccuracies to be found in the web site due to printer’s errors.The photos are illustrative of the product not binding the manufacturer in any way and he reserves the right to make modifications to his own products without however impairing the essential technical features.